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Private Pilot Licence: Written Exam Preparation

Private Pilot Licence: Written Exam Preparation

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Intended to help students prepare for the mechanics of multiple-choice aviation exams, Private Pilot License: Written Exam Preparation is a guide for student pilots preparing for the Transport Canada PPAER exam. The book includes over 900 practice questions with a thorough sampling of topics from Transport Canada’s Study and Reference Guide. The questions are divided into 7 subject-specific exams and 2 full simulated exams with a question format and difficulty level representative of the real Transport Canada exam. The book includes all required appendices, including:  performance charts and tables; weight and balance data; weather information; and a two-sided, full color pair of VNC excerpts.


    1. Introduction
    2. Meteorology Theory
    3. Applied Meteorology
    4. Navigation Theory
    5. Applied Navigation
    6. Air Law
    7. General Knowledge 1 (Flight Theory, Instruments, Human Factors)
    8. General Knowledge 2 (Airframes, Engines, Systems, Flight Ops)
    9. Simulated PPAER Exam 1
    10. Simulated PPAER Exam 2
    11. Answer Keys
    12. Exam Appendices
      GFAs, Illustrations, CFS Excerpts, Takeoff and Landing Performance, Cruise Performance, Airspeed Correction, Crosswind and CRFI, Aircraft Weight and Balance, Abbreviations
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